Thursday, November 25, 2010

ART Direction for photography

i havent done anything in a while because my computer is fucked. this is an editorial shoot i directed shot and styled for my art direction for photography class. which is actually pretty awesome. i would consider doing more if i was an organised person but this i did last minute like all my other shoots. it was fun though.
model is Lia
and the tailored coat on the second page is the one i made for studio.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

a bed is a bed. as long as there arent bedbugs.

ooh. ive been so paranoid about bedbugs that i got a rash. the thought just makes me shudder.
anyway so i finally have a bed and a room and a house. i had a phone but i lost it.. sorry sam. my housemate is brilliant. i dont have a doona yet, and the nights are getting cold, but soon, i will...

"oout end aboout en chruno."

-pitchers instead of jugs, zig zags instead of papers, boxed wine instead of goon, duvet instead of doona, and also they don’t say heaps, bogan, or reckon.
Apart from the language barriers and the fact that I am homeless and have been sleeping on a concrete floor, I absolutely Love it here. You walk out onto the street and you make friends. I feel like because i came from Melbourne to Brooklyn to Toronto ive been able to just slip in perfectly without much hassle.
Who needs comfort, when you have a floor and a backpack.
But I’m actually really missing home at the moment when I stop thinking about how much I love it here. Because im hungover and nostalgically looking through my pictures of my last night in Melbourne, when my amazing friends all came over and hung out with me. It was really nice, I guess I should be saying I love you because you’re the only ones that actually read my blog.
I love and miss you all, but am having a great time and you should all come visit,
Hannah x

a little too much.

Parts and Labour was very very fun. they hold a table soccor tournament. and there were many good people to look at...

my favourite meal and my already lost smackberry.

Jess, our new friend who can play ukulele and sing.
serving size can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

some of my junkie friends.
hey whats your name?
- hannah
oh cool mines chruno girl
-nice. what do you do?
well last night, i did K.
can i have a sip of your beer?
-just have it.

museum of modern art

6 floors of art. Art by women, art by men, art by Picasso. And it was amazing. Went out to the patio and a French band were playing. What a place.