Sunday, January 31, 2010

we've all seen it.

pre fall 2010

pre fall 2010 some of my highlights. 

givenchy. the coat. yes.
proenza schouler.

valentino. yes.. red leather pants. yes. shoes. fur. yes.

prada. i put this in because when i was little i used to think matching meant matching fabrics so i used to wear woolen jumpers with woolen vests woolen pants and socks. and that, to me. was fashion. 

Saturday, January 30, 2010

just another night out.

i was posed with the question while i was in the bathroom by a gentleman i will not name: 'if the girl comes, is it rape?' i promised to post it on my blog as an open question.   

we ended the night with some hello pandas. and im not going to lie. they are amazing. 

found this guy on the pavement i wanted to take him home and stuff him. but it was weird. 

these pants. amazing. i sold them to maddy for 15 bucks from my work. best buy she ever made. however this isnt maddy its miles they did a pant swap.  they are cords- magenta. from morrissey haha. who knew he had it in him?

found these amzing pants. they are laura ashley [vomit] but they are amazing. i think they were mums in the 70's or watever. love.

alex wearing another pair of glasses i made. 

Thursday, January 28, 2010

these will be mine. thanks to foxyman blog for showing me the link. now i must share. coolstuffnclassics there is so  many amazing glasses. check it out.

i did this shoot for my tailoring class. i just thought id show. the jackets made from a wool blend and  has square shoulders, symmetrical twin jet pockets and cuff vents with 5 buttons.  its unisex. i dont no what else to say about it. but i made it in a calico and then dyed it later on and that looked a bit cooler. i'll post a photo.  my bro is the model and i took the photos in an old warehouse in richmond with a spotlight. ive also been meaning to post my stretchwear stuff, so ill do that soon...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The two amazing shots are from yvan rodic and the shitty stripper boots i found on ebay for 42.95... god, sometimes... yes.

umm. yes. yes, yes. please. quite sure these are horsehair. delicious.

yes.the brand of these hideous creatures is called 'pleaser'. yes. i want them. but i dont want to pay 42.95. more like 12. 

Monday, January 25, 2010

i have big day out tomorrow. and im dying...  but anyway im going to post some glasses i made ages ago but sort of love. it started my obsession and collection of odd glasses frames.  i made the glasses by laser cutting the basic outline of a biological cross section of an eye and the frames and then used super glue to set them in place. and i also bent the parts using a heat gun.  i made heaps of different combinations. 


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Van halen t-shirt. awesome. long hair. awesome.  

What? who is this guy?  look at this horrendous suit and tie combo. its brilliant...  seemed pretty fucked, just look at his face.  the orange silk binding pretty much does it for me. 

i yelled out, who has a cigarette for me? and this chick not only gave me two but then posed for  a picture with her boobs out. i thought the least i could do to repay her would be put it on my blog. im so vice right now.
This guys jacket was AMAZING. it had sequined shoulders, was really long and my memory is unfortnuately not very good for this night so i cant give it the great review it deserves but yeah cool jacket, awesome guy. im going to draw my memory of it. 

these two girls were gorgeous. i 100% girl crushed over the dark undercut hair.  it made me think that maybe i wouldnt look like a dykey mole if i went back to black...loving the giant crucifix around this girls neck.  i wish i hadnt been so intoxicated and actually got good shots of the night, these will have to do for now.  

dubbing out


i have no idea how to start this. ive been staring at this post for so long and i cant actually think. might have something to do with the fact that im watching secret diary of a callgirl and i have the flu. i only have the flu because ive been going 
out contsantly since nye. i went out last night- started taking some photos for this. im going to post those first. nothing 
is going to be in order but it doesnt matter. 

 that guy with the t-shirt that says you are here has the same t shirt as belle a.k.a. Hannah from secret diary of a callgirl. he was also a babe so i felt he deserved a mention.

the blue fur i bought yesterday is awesome, went around the room several times through out the night. it was 25 from salvos which ithink is a bit of an overdo, it has a lot of repairing to do and it s one of the most deliciously tacky things ive seen in a while.  i dont reallly no how to post and stuff so i think this will probably come out all muddled.