Sunday, January 24, 2010

Van halen t-shirt. awesome. long hair. awesome.  

What? who is this guy?  look at this horrendous suit and tie combo. its brilliant...  seemed pretty fucked, just look at his face.  the orange silk binding pretty much does it for me. 

i yelled out, who has a cigarette for me? and this chick not only gave me two but then posed for  a picture with her boobs out. i thought the least i could do to repay her would be put it on my blog. im so vice right now.
This guys jacket was AMAZING. it had sequined shoulders, was really long and my memory is unfortnuately not very good for this night so i cant give it the great review it deserves but yeah cool jacket, awesome guy. im going to draw my memory of it. 

these two girls were gorgeous. i 100% girl crushed over the dark undercut hair.  it made me think that maybe i wouldnt look like a dykey mole if i went back to black...loving the giant crucifix around this girls neck.  i wish i hadnt been so intoxicated and actually got good shots of the night, these will have to do for now.  

dubbing out

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