Sunday, March 28, 2010

argh fine.

as i said i went to a few parties on the w/e and these are a few shots i took out- i just didnt feel comfortable leaving you with the zebra post. 

for the record: campari on ice tastes real bad. 
jen feels the need to speak in a strong russian accent when wearing my coat. 

me:  i just wore two sheer tops one grey and one black over eachother and my leaopard print jacket. yesssss. thank you grandma. she actually gave it to me about three years ago and i was like ew and stored it. now we're in love.

note: regrowth so bad [its only been 3 weeks] that i have to now wear my hair out because otherwise i look mingin. 

brunswick st wildlife

yeah im sheepishly admitting that i went to 4 parties this weekend and this is all im blogging. eeh i always drink too much. but this also was a big w.e for me, this corsetry assignment is horribly killing me. i could blog that. but youd all die too and no one wants that.   
this father and daughter were dressed as zebras. appreciation a million. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

had to be done

my maternal instincts have kicked in. its over. ive packed up shop and bought a million kittens and i knit them adorable outfits and drink tea and play bridge all day. 

[thankyou alx for images]

Monday, March 22, 2010

drunk again. and my dog is snoring.

i didnt take enough photos. but i took some and that matters. so first we went to complex geometries preview and look, i was into it- just not so into the prices. then we proceeded to the spook live shoot at PHM but-ahem-missed it and just saw the band and got the drank the dregs. it was a fun night all in all. 

Fat presents complex geometries was great. - free booze ciders, peronis and wine so of course we obliged there is just something about free booze that makes people feel like its rude to not get wasted. its fine with me. 

beautiful people everywhere as usual. these ones were all on top of each other. 

me and bell at compex geometries- a friend found this photo on oh jamiee blog. im as white as a ghost, but i love the photo.  note to self: buy exterior flash for G9.

an interesting mirrored box art installation at penthouse mouse. 

apart from our drunken selves, this guy was the only other person rocking out, in the room. awkward- but i thought he was dressed very cute. love the pants with the RM williams. 
babes in um. i think it was the frowning clouds? doesnt matter anyway... as i said;.. babes. 

i cant say enough how great the space for penthouse mouse was- the slats of wood looked great when the lighting was all set up. 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

you are my jenny to shane.

this is lame.  i can appreciate that. ive been discussing these postsecrets and i went onto their  blog [click]. i have a soft heart now ok. they just bring tears to my eyes with cuteness.

dont be under the impression that this is because im a loser, its relevant ok. just trust. 
and if you really want to shake that post-summer happiness; watch a youtube video to either Johnny Cash's hurt or Sia's breathe me. kills me, 

Friday, March 19, 2010

its impossible to be unhappy in a poncho

i want  this hair back, what do you think?. that is all.
oh and: its impossible to be unhappy in a poncho. 
credit- maddy for photo and for the mighty boosh.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

drukn and hot

these are some drawings i did last year i was just looking through my old scans and i thought i could post it. the collection was called sing the body electric [ which in hindsight is really wanky and crap] [at the time i thought it was cool and intellectual and thats all that matters] 
i have 12 followers now. excited about that. judy said she wanted more of my own stuff. heres a little slice. ps: too drunk to post real stuff. and too hot to write cool. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i told you i dressed like a boy.

a friend told me about this photo on comeback kid. its me. thanks comeback kid. i dont know how i feel about the comparison but you know, i told you guys i dress like a boy.  i went out and bought a dress today. i immediately regretted the decision.  im going to complex geometries presented by fat and then the live spook shoot at PHM tonight so there should be some more fashion candy coming. hopefully. unless i get nervous, or  drunk. both very possible.. 

"I’m not going to lie to you. This is a picture of a girl. But 
she was rocking androgyny better than Joan of Arc."

ahem. joan of arc [above] .like,.. shes a babe. so its ok. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

new york [melbourne] i love you but your bringing me down.

all i have to say is i went op shopping the other day and found this full on biker set: jacket and pants in the nicest leather, so soft and worn. the price they put on it was. um. two hundred and fifty dollars. now i know thats not much in the scheme of things: op shops are so expensive and crap these days. its because people are selling their shit instead of giving it to charity and everyone just buys crap anyway so then its not even worth giving to charity because its probably worn out or pilling or crap. so op shops have to up the prices of any good stuff they get. which i get. its just sad. i used to find some great stuff but these days.. nothing. i need to go to tasmania apparently. lets all go. this wasnt intended on being a whine. wine. im going to go get some wine. 

we are all going to tasmania. together.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

you can still see the cracks in that motherfuckers reflection

um. the best thing ive ever seen. in the form of beyonce and gaga, i have nothing more to say. just watch. 

we should have gone to the penthouse...

last night after penthouse mouse, these guys in the taxi next to ours asked us to come to their penthouse party, we dismissed them and continued our journey to roxanne [which we then didnt enter because of the hideous entry fee of 20 dollars.] i regret this decision. 

anyway penthouse mouse was fun. i prefered observing the people who were there to see the clothes than the actual runway. it was full of very very commercial stuff i would compare to a mix between quicksilver and general pants.  but everyone who was there was quite spectacular. 

i didnt take many shots because i was too busy getting wasted. but heres a little slice. 

i took this picture because above guy dresses like me at uni. except i dont own his pants... 

vlad's delicious boots- see through [horse]

yes. you are wearing bones around your neck and a fur. thats the best. -vegetarians of the world attack. he was dressed spectacularly. 

artist: sam woud- knitted necklaces and crochet cubbyhouse. 

theres always a busker at the end of the night. 
i have a massive thing for babe buskers. 
but then, doesnt everybody?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

global freezing

never too soon to start packing.., so ive got news that i may be going to canada in second semester to do fashion over there for a while. i was talking about it to a friend who said they needed to buy a new coat; i think ill be right...