Tuesday, June 7, 2011

hole punching

im basically trying to change the systems in which i work. below, knitting the cloth, then punching the holes then lacing the garment together- its a way to create garments without sewing cloth. Also working on a leather jacket using a similar system- below. - i experimented with safety pins also, but decided to stick with the eyelets.

image below is a redesigned frankenstein from the illustration board.

Friday, May 27, 2011

ive had so much time recently, yet ive been doing barely anything. just applying for jobs one after the other- i really want to get an internship with someone awesome but i dont know whats wrong with me.

ive been trawling peoples blogs recently these images
are from molly soda and

my cameras broken, hence the lack of photos taken by me. ill get it up and running as soon as i get a JOBBBBB.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

british boot company

ok when i was london i saw these shoes, and i wanted them so badly, however- it was at a point when i had absolutely no money and the future was looking bleak. so i left them. it was my main regret. the store that i found them in was the store that johnny rotten bought his first pair of creepers from, amongst other awesome people like, Viv West and Malcolm Mclaren. Not going to lie, i may have online ordered them.

in a world where balloons ruled.

who am i kidding balloons do rule. my cus lives in taiwan and she sent me these ages ago! i just stumbled upon them again...
i think my fave is the giant arms guy.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

peeling beetroot = stained hands

currently drinking milo and peeling beetroot and my hands are all stained. i love it.
anyway this is just some stuff that i have completed or am working on, the pants i just made recently for myself and for grace, and made them to sell at a market stall i had with laura a couple of weekends ago. which was very successful might i add, i made 250 dollars, which is a good effort for me. however, people only bought all my hideous old stuff and no one even looked twice at the garments i had slaved over [the night before].

what do they say? find your niche. and work with that.
whats my niche? anyway- jacket and pants i designed and made, plus the skirt- dont know if you can see it. and there are some shots of my messy studio. i just thought id include those for inspiration to clean it.
jacket is made of beautiful lamb skin and i special ordered the colour, its padded out in the areas of the essential organs, because i wanted to create something that would increase my chances of survival in the canadian winter hahaha also its my first experience with leather which is why its a bit dodge but i'm going to get better.
i do want to get a photographer to take some real shots of my stuff so if you know anyone, tell them to contact me... hannah.elizabeth.c@hotmail.com

also i need a new haircut and colour. ill post some inspiration soon, any suggestions? and also if your wondering, yes, i am going to start blogging all the time as a distraction to my tiresome call centre life.

drunken scrag

i'm still cringing about this one moment from the other night. i bumped into one of the babes from di$count, www.discountuniverse.com.au<------ they are very cool,.. you get the vibe. anyway, i was a drunken scraggy scrag- i cant remember what i said but i know it was more a drunken fan-club ramble, than actually talking to her on some kind of normal human level. haha oh well who cares?, she probably doesn't.
but you know i've been doing that a lot lately... making an absolute fool of myself when drunk, i think its the switch from beer to vodka or just a boredom so deep that my subconscious is creating unnecessary drama. but nevertheless vodka makes me mental. Eg's include getting in fights, being called a cunt and a prostitute, admissions from deep down, over-familiarity and intimacy where inappropriate, ... i know it just sounds like normal drunk, but this is not normal for me.
...beer makes me mellow. back to beer.

i've been digging things up. as you know, i'm taking this year to try to really find what i want to focus on in fourth year. anyway this is some more canadian work, more art direction for photographY inspiration. i love the pictures... somehow my computer is fucking up and i cant resize images so apologies for the hideosity of this post.

and ill leave you with mr dreamy below.
goodnight all.