Thursday, April 21, 2011

drunken scrag

i'm still cringing about this one moment from the other night. i bumped into one of the babes from di$count,<------ they are very cool,.. you get the vibe. anyway, i was a drunken scraggy scrag- i cant remember what i said but i know it was more a drunken fan-club ramble, than actually talking to her on some kind of normal human level. haha oh well who cares?, she probably doesn't.
but you know i've been doing that a lot lately... making an absolute fool of myself when drunk, i think its the switch from beer to vodka or just a boredom so deep that my subconscious is creating unnecessary drama. but nevertheless vodka makes me mental. Eg's include getting in fights, being called a cunt and a prostitute, admissions from deep down, over-familiarity and intimacy where inappropriate, ... i know it just sounds like normal drunk, but this is not normal for me. makes me mellow. back to beer.

i've been digging things up. as you know, i'm taking this year to try to really find what i want to focus on in fourth year. anyway this is some more canadian work, more art direction for photographY inspiration. i love the pictures... somehow my computer is fucking up and i cant resize images so apologies for the hideosity of this post.

and ill leave you with mr dreamy below.
goodnight all.

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