Thursday, March 31, 2011

sick fascination with disturbia

LANDSCAPE images cause more boredom than joy, im aware. However i couldnt help but notice a growing theme throughout my photos of europe. i just feel like i have seen some of the most beautiful places on earth and just want to share them. and after going to the BILL HENSON opening with laura tonight, i have regained my faith in photographs and also and my sick fascination with disturbia. bill henson was incredible, there was something so serene about the images, a perfect collection, nudes portrayed as youthful and victimised at the same time as beautiful and voyeuristic, with the additional pieces, of two landscape images and two gallery interiors which i didnt really understand but i guess portrayed bill hensons idea of classic art.

a piece from the bill henson 2011 collection i saw tonight, untitled.

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