Monday, July 19, 2010

why do they wonder why i never get bored?

apparently this girl is finnish/french and thats what i want to be. im going to go to finland and get knocked up by a french man.
its been a long time since ive posted anything. i guess i was sort of bitter about the whole project in the end. the feedback we received was a little lacking. and although Mats has a lack of emotional connection with the word 'fail', it seemed to come up a hell of a lot. i believe that nothing about the project was a failure because we succeeded in creating a message that unwanted things and garments can be reconstituted and be reborn, so to not be wasted. he believed many people failed in acheiving the personailty part of the project because our personalities wouldnt wear our final garments. BUT i believe that if the personalities had more of an input in the process and had watched passion and excitement behind them, that would be different. anyway apparently the exhibition is up, i might go and visit it tomorrow and take some shots. oh the other thing is that he refused to use any of our ideas that didnt use the swensk fabrics. hmmmmm, i guess so not representing our whole project but moreso their own brand. i dont know.. ?