Saturday, April 17, 2010


so the G9 fell out of my backpack and smashed onto the concrete. i ignored it for a while. grace turned it on: "is that normal?" 
it wasnt.
its broken.
i called canon. assholes charge 250 dollars to get the screen replaced. im never going to have that. so i put it on here. if anyone wants to make a donation for the cause of this blog. please do. i might even have a block party and invite amazing bands and everyone can dance in the moonlight and laugh about the time my camera broke. 
?????????????????????????????????just do it......

every picture tells a story

my dad has been helping make this giant sculpture of a banging fist, for tonights rave party at the docklands. he insisted i come check out the space.

its awesome. there were a bunch of the original ravers sitting around painting giant rubix cubes and shapes of love and happiness.  they were all camping in the giant space, in the back of their cars and in swags on the back of their utes. its the kinda thing i want to be doing if im single and alone at the age of 35, missing my crazy youth.  

my dad's friends car. -de ja voodoo.  
some of the installments that will be featured at the rave. they are all very strange and ravey i can picture myself wearing fluffy fluro wideleg pants and appreciating 
their beauty while dancing with my hands in the air. 

furry friends

i've been spending the majority of my time with my animals. its starting to  make me weird. the other day maizey left a present of a giant rat on the steps for me.  mum thinks that she is a rapist and masochist.  its in the eyes. 
kipper the dog and maizey the cat. 

'meow'= i'm a rapist and ill fuck you up. 


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

tree everything.

i dont usually blog about furniture or architecture. but these are the best.

if i had this bed i would never leave it. it is so cute ^-^. 
i was showing jo this bed, and she showed me 
the treehouse. im in love. 
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i want you

i just feel like i have to post this. 
the babes at discount [click] did the course i'm doing now, graduated last year [in my opinion with the best collections] and at the moment they're in bangkok doing their thing [as far as i can tell from stalking their blog]. the just designed this pin t-shirt. um? awesome. it looks so cool and its such a simple idea. but it wouldve taken ages. 

just quietly i think they are amazing. 

and i kind of want the t-shirt. yes. alot. 

Monday, April 5, 2010


im starting to get worried about the priorities of this blog- it was meant to be fashion oriented as in uni work, inspirations and fash bashes but its turned into a site of raging hormones and drunken adventures. look its easter, after this it will go back to fash.  

been out drinking again. funny story so i went out for dinner with some dear friends and after i was meant to go to predrinks in gore st. so i waited for a tram for about an hour and a half. i made some friends- a guy with a red streak in his hair and his photographically inspired friend, a strange young girl and a old woman trying to get to midnight mass [telling us of gods strange challenges,-look lady i dont think waiting at the tram stop for hours is really beneficial to the rest of the planet so god really should set his priorities straight.]  
anyway another hour later and my tram finally came. as it was parking i get a call from my friend who was at the predrinks saying they were coming into the city so i should just wait.  
i asked my tram friends to get a beer with me, and ended up partying the night away with one.

made this maroon velvet stretchy dress for the evening. 
and i didnt trim the thread. 
met this magician on my journey of trying to catch a tram. he was brilliant. 
"so brad pitt is in your hands right now, are you feeling pretty horny?" 
um. i guess. ? [he was talking about the card in my hand] 
but no he did a great trick, i was amazed.

he left us with "goodnight guys! keep the magic alive." 
-in a strong french accent. 

the rave cave. very smoky very strobey. 
it was almost impossible to see in front of you at some points. 
which i think may have been beneficial for some people. 

my tram friend. 

i would like some yellow waterproof jumpsuits. 
where can i find them?
euan jus' doin' the pimp thing.

the end is near.

i bought these jeans in year10. and ive worn them a lot. i think it is soon time to say goodbye.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


i got new black leather boots.  i love them. i thought id show my collection, this is just my black boot collection. i have more. ill show another time. 

you can see i've already trashed the boots. bad hannah. i literally bought them two days ago.

crucifixions, beer and questions of identity.

drinking at the pub. or outside the pub really, in this lane. with some awesome girls. we were matching in leopard print.. this night ended with me walking down brunswick street with two girls: complete strangers who were asking me how i identified? i was confused and left. i think now in hinesight- i made the right choice. which is quite impressive considering my state at the time.

 sheeps wool and a little leather. 

 leopard print undies. 
i didnt get a shot but i think someone did.

so photogenic zoe. 
buckled docs. you win. 
"i think i got enough dignity to slowly give it away my entire life."
"i lost my dignity in yr 12. when i wore a white dress with orange skin"

i just wanted to clone a million of these two boys and lie in a pile of them. rocking out- possibly something awesome. most likely. 

the back of my regrowthy head. yes.
my thigh hole. i think the jeans are over. ive had them for 5 years and they are really falling apart. im afraid one day i will go out and the legs will just fall down around my ankles. 

"lame... i HATE radiohead" - passed out person.

i thought you said "i hate my head".. 
um. you know nothing.

happy easter.!