Monday, April 5, 2010


im starting to get worried about the priorities of this blog- it was meant to be fashion oriented as in uni work, inspirations and fash bashes but its turned into a site of raging hormones and drunken adventures. look its easter, after this it will go back to fash.  

been out drinking again. funny story so i went out for dinner with some dear friends and after i was meant to go to predrinks in gore st. so i waited for a tram for about an hour and a half. i made some friends- a guy with a red streak in his hair and his photographically inspired friend, a strange young girl and a old woman trying to get to midnight mass [telling us of gods strange challenges,-look lady i dont think waiting at the tram stop for hours is really beneficial to the rest of the planet so god really should set his priorities straight.]  
anyway another hour later and my tram finally came. as it was parking i get a call from my friend who was at the predrinks saying they were coming into the city so i should just wait.  
i asked my tram friends to get a beer with me, and ended up partying the night away with one.

made this maroon velvet stretchy dress for the evening. 
and i didnt trim the thread. 
met this magician on my journey of trying to catch a tram. he was brilliant. 
"so brad pitt is in your hands right now, are you feeling pretty horny?" 
um. i guess. ? [he was talking about the card in my hand] 
but no he did a great trick, i was amazed.

he left us with "goodnight guys! keep the magic alive." 
-in a strong french accent. 

the rave cave. very smoky very strobey. 
it was almost impossible to see in front of you at some points. 
which i think may have been beneficial for some people. 

my tram friend. 

i would like some yellow waterproof jumpsuits. 
where can i find them?
euan jus' doin' the pimp thing.

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