Saturday, April 17, 2010

every picture tells a story

my dad has been helping make this giant sculpture of a banging fist, for tonights rave party at the docklands. he insisted i come check out the space.

its awesome. there were a bunch of the original ravers sitting around painting giant rubix cubes and shapes of love and happiness.  they were all camping in the giant space, in the back of their cars and in swags on the back of their utes. its the kinda thing i want to be doing if im single and alone at the age of 35, missing my crazy youth.  

my dad's friends car. -de ja voodoo.  
some of the installments that will be featured at the rave. they are all very strange and ravey i can picture myself wearing fluffy fluro wideleg pants and appreciating 
their beauty while dancing with my hands in the air. 

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