Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i want you

i just feel like i have to post this. 
the babes at discount [click] did the course i'm doing now, graduated last year [in my opinion with the best collections] and at the moment they're in bangkok doing their thing [as far as i can tell from stalking their blog]. the just designed this pin t-shirt. um? awesome. it looks so cool and its such a simple idea. but it wouldve taken ages. 

just quietly i think they are amazing. 

and i kind of want the t-shirt. yes. alot. 


  1. Thankkkkksssssssss SO MUCH. How are you finding the course?

  2. love the shit out of it. im in third year. doing concepts of sustainability [a lot better than it sounds- cos its with anthea]- im designing for a client this year and he's this awesome music producer guy so im really into it.

    you guys are the fucking best.

  3. I saw this on no discount last week and thought of you. How amazing is the design, I hope they make a few of them cos i'm so down to buy one.