Saturday, April 3, 2010

crucifixions, beer and questions of identity.

drinking at the pub. or outside the pub really, in this lane. with some awesome girls. we were matching in leopard print.. this night ended with me walking down brunswick street with two girls: complete strangers who were asking me how i identified? i was confused and left. i think now in hinesight- i made the right choice. which is quite impressive considering my state at the time.

 sheeps wool and a little leather. 

 leopard print undies. 
i didnt get a shot but i think someone did.

so photogenic zoe. 
buckled docs. you win. 
"i think i got enough dignity to slowly give it away my entire life."
"i lost my dignity in yr 12. when i wore a white dress with orange skin"

i just wanted to clone a million of these two boys and lie in a pile of them. rocking out- possibly something awesome. most likely. 

the back of my regrowthy head. yes.
my thigh hole. i think the jeans are over. ive had them for 5 years and they are really falling apart. im afraid one day i will go out and the legs will just fall down around my ankles. 

"lame... i HATE radiohead" - passed out person.

i thought you said "i hate my head".. 
um. you know nothing.

happy easter.! 

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