Friday, February 19, 2010

girls like that [dont go for guys like us]

im going to leave you with this because its been stuck in my head since i was so high on morphine i was listening to my ipod , thinking it was a gift from god. and that every song was 'the best song ever'. yes, i do wish my parents hadnt witnessed me like that. but you know. win some you lose some. 


i feel bad because a friend of mine is looking for some man-jewellery and i couldnt help him out before my surg and now im immobilized so i thought i'd do a post on man jewellery to give him something to think about.  i am not articulate because i am on many many painkillers. so cut me some slack. 

dazed digital

this jewellery brand, 'does not equal' [click] is awesome for solid steel looking jewellery. its really cool stuff for boys and girls. and below that is iggy and lou lou ceramics, which is mainly girly looking stuff but i like that its ceramic so i chose the most manly peices to show and you can swap the chains around, so a black metal chain would probs look more manly than a silver chain..., i have the skull and camera piece which i havent shown.  

alpha 60- these are really cool, they look ceramic also and they are really creepy. i like. 

 found this on yvan rodic blog. amazing- i want it. 

well theres pain.

so basically i havent posted in a while because i have been in surgery. im not going to go into details of the surgery but basically i look like im wearing this. [the fifth element, yes]

im so bored, no-one is up before 1 o'clock and if they are its because they have work.  so im sitting here chewing on dextropropoxyphene and watching my allowance of megavideo. waiting for someone to call me or call in. basically i cant post any of my own photos and stuff becuase i havent been out of the house.  

Saturday, February 13, 2010


fetish and the art of the teese.

totally want this book. apologies for the photos- so blurry its awful. but try to look past the blur at the amazing garments. esp love love love the lace ones.  love you dita.

sex shopping after party

well not really. i didn't even intend on going out. but i had had such a great sex shopping day that i thought why stop now? we ended up in some awesome party in fitzroy.  everyone was dressed in shiny.  i was most impressed with the construction of this costume. and what a gorgeous man. 

i dont care where your pants are from. 

fetish yes.

i've been wanting to do a scout of all the sex shops around my area for ages, to look for amazing leatherwear and fetishwear and just amazing stuff that you cant find anywhere else. this stuff is so awesome i want to buy it all, not for sex purposes but for wearing in everyday life. it's awesome and amazing.  and very eye opening...

i loved this piece it was amazing. 

the next shop we went to was in hoddle st, eagle leather. had amazing leather and latex wear. kinky gimp masks and heaps of awesome harnesses, etc.

i want these shoes, in black thigh high lace up boots with a clear 
platform wedge. so not these, but i love the money slot. awesome.

we went into this amazing shop on bridge rd Richmond called 'passionfruit' had the most beautiful lingerie and the above corset i want so bad. there was amazing costumes and amazing handcuffs etc. there is also a back room... 

yeah richmond.

i dont understand why this cheap sex shop had this amazing chain mail armour in it. This was the best thing i found, $700 dollars. 

an old belt i found and wrapped around my wrist- in the spirit of fetish.

getting dressed sex shop appropriate. 

Friday, February 12, 2010

paranoid park

this movie is meant to be some murder mystery, i havent seen it yet, but they used all kids from the area to act in it.  they're just beautiful little skater boys wearing amazing hats and pants.  from oyster ages ago- but i thought id show because i thought it was brilliant. 

my personal favourite above. silver pants and silver shoes- the best skater boy ever.