Friday, February 19, 2010


i feel bad because a friend of mine is looking for some man-jewellery and i couldnt help him out before my surg and now im immobilized so i thought i'd do a post on man jewellery to give him something to think about.  i am not articulate because i am on many many painkillers. so cut me some slack. 

dazed digital

this jewellery brand, 'does not equal' [click] is awesome for solid steel looking jewellery. its really cool stuff for boys and girls. and below that is iggy and lou lou ceramics, which is mainly girly looking stuff but i like that its ceramic so i chose the most manly peices to show and you can swap the chains around, so a black metal chain would probs look more manly than a silver chain..., i have the skull and camera piece which i havent shown.  

alpha 60- these are really cool, they look ceramic also and they are really creepy. i like. 

 found this on yvan rodic blog. amazing- i want it. 

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