Saturday, February 13, 2010

fetish yes.

i've been wanting to do a scout of all the sex shops around my area for ages, to look for amazing leatherwear and fetishwear and just amazing stuff that you cant find anywhere else. this stuff is so awesome i want to buy it all, not for sex purposes but for wearing in everyday life. it's awesome and amazing.  and very eye opening...

i loved this piece it was amazing. 

the next shop we went to was in hoddle st, eagle leather. had amazing leather and latex wear. kinky gimp masks and heaps of awesome harnesses, etc.

i want these shoes, in black thigh high lace up boots with a clear 
platform wedge. so not these, but i love the money slot. awesome.

we went into this amazing shop on bridge rd Richmond called 'passionfruit' had the most beautiful lingerie and the above corset i want so bad. there was amazing costumes and amazing handcuffs etc. there is also a back room... 

yeah richmond.

i dont understand why this cheap sex shop had this amazing chain mail armour in it. This was the best thing i found, $700 dollars. 

an old belt i found and wrapped around my wrist- in the spirit of fetish.

getting dressed sex shop appropriate. 

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  1. Great post!
    Amazing things you found!! The leather wear, stripper heels and the unsuspecting chain mesh!

    ps. have we met?