Sunday, February 7, 2010

its sad she had to go away to the old peoples home

we should drink her booze and have a party. its what she would've wanted. 

francis let me temporarily own this top hat, in an effort to make me forgive nick dryden [below] for stealing my sailors hat. there was also a vegemite crumpet involved.

dont let this man into your parties. he will steal all your amazing hats. just putting it out there. its forgiven but not forgotten nick. 

michael jackson and E.T. t-shirt and backwards corduroy supreme hat.

 wearing my suede maroon jacket with her suede purple skirt. rachel: the best. 

um to these shoes i say yes. rachel found them at savers. unfortunately my stout feet dont really fit into them very well, theyre so comfortable. rach managed to dub out in them all of last night. 

this is what i ended up wearing out to frannys housewarming, same as below but with an added awesome 90's jacket i found in my house. used to belong to mum, now its mine. its the best maroon suede jacket i think ive ever seen. i feel so seedy drinking on public transport but it just doesnt stop me, we had to get off at jolimont anyway because inspectors got on.

i thought id do an outfit post? i made the above jacket and then dyed it, just using dylon then im just wearing a long black t-shirt with another black sheer t-shirt, shibori'd by alex worn as a skirt and tied around my waist. then just socks and boots. pretty boring really. 

this is rachels amazing cat, who insists on sleeping in this tiny basket. love it. when mum saw the picture she said "oh my god that cat is huge'. amazing mum. 

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