Tuesday, May 4, 2010

4 for fourth

the fashion fourth year fundraiser was double denim themed. i may have gotten a little outrageous with a lot of people i half know. but it was great fun. the dancefloor just looked like a moving blue sea of denim. i wish more people had gone all out, but there were some good outfits there. we ended up getting kicked out of the bar at 1, dancing and singing with dan playing the piano accordian. and a wild bunch of double denim'd fashion students roaring down the alleyway. a few other things on the agenda. ive been wearing tops as pants. im into it, i think we could possibly eliminate the need for pants in the future. im still working on it. give me time. and i cant be bothered blurring my face anymore, it was just so people werent like, eugh shes so self obsessed look at all these pictures of her face. im over it.

me and rach looking like young skinheads.

a boombox is not a toy