Wednesday, March 30, 2011

fuck change

after taking a super crazy turn, ive [regrettably] decided to take this year off my wonderful, life distracting and incredibly tedious but excitingly stressful course... ive decided i have nothing better to do than keep my blog up to date. thanks for putting up with one last tribute to my homes in canada- im going to summarise my time there [id say possibly the happiest and plumpest ive ever been, thank you north america.]

nuit blanche?
the zombie walk fashion show. i did these guys faces. mill st organic and the some awesome canadians.

we had to combine wind and spirituality to form some kind of concept
at this point i thought i thought i was using the space between the body and the garment as a spiritual space and the wind to create that space- but i mean, i was probably drunk.
DANIER leather comp

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