Monday, March 15, 2010

new york [melbourne] i love you but your bringing me down.

all i have to say is i went op shopping the other day and found this full on biker set: jacket and pants in the nicest leather, so soft and worn. the price they put on it was. um. two hundred and fifty dollars. now i know thats not much in the scheme of things: op shops are so expensive and crap these days. its because people are selling their shit instead of giving it to charity and everyone just buys crap anyway so then its not even worth giving to charity because its probably worn out or pilling or crap. so op shops have to up the prices of any good stuff they get. which i get. its just sad. i used to find some great stuff but these days.. nothing. i need to go to tasmania apparently. lets all go. this wasnt intended on being a whine. wine. im going to go get some wine. 

we are all going to tasmania. together.

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