Monday, March 22, 2010

drunk again. and my dog is snoring.

i didnt take enough photos. but i took some and that matters. so first we went to complex geometries preview and look, i was into it- just not so into the prices. then we proceeded to the spook live shoot at PHM but-ahem-missed it and just saw the band and got the drank the dregs. it was a fun night all in all. 

Fat presents complex geometries was great. - free booze ciders, peronis and wine so of course we obliged there is just something about free booze that makes people feel like its rude to not get wasted. its fine with me. 

beautiful people everywhere as usual. these ones were all on top of each other. 

me and bell at compex geometries- a friend found this photo on oh jamiee blog. im as white as a ghost, but i love the photo.  note to self: buy exterior flash for G9.

an interesting mirrored box art installation at penthouse mouse. 

apart from our drunken selves, this guy was the only other person rocking out, in the room. awkward- but i thought he was dressed very cute. love the pants with the RM williams. 
babes in um. i think it was the frowning clouds? doesnt matter anyway... as i said;.. babes. 

i cant say enough how great the space for penthouse mouse was- the slats of wood looked great when the lighting was all set up. 

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