Saturday, March 13, 2010

we should have gone to the penthouse...

last night after penthouse mouse, these guys in the taxi next to ours asked us to come to their penthouse party, we dismissed them and continued our journey to roxanne [which we then didnt enter because of the hideous entry fee of 20 dollars.] i regret this decision. 

anyway penthouse mouse was fun. i prefered observing the people who were there to see the clothes than the actual runway. it was full of very very commercial stuff i would compare to a mix between quicksilver and general pants.  but everyone who was there was quite spectacular. 

i didnt take many shots because i was too busy getting wasted. but heres a little slice. 

i took this picture because above guy dresses like me at uni. except i dont own his pants... 

vlad's delicious boots- see through [horse]

yes. you are wearing bones around your neck and a fur. thats the best. -vegetarians of the world attack. he was dressed spectacularly. 

artist: sam woud- knitted necklaces and crochet cubbyhouse. 

theres always a busker at the end of the night. 
i have a massive thing for babe buskers. 
but then, doesnt everybody?

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