Saturday, January 30, 2010

just another night out.

i was posed with the question while i was in the bathroom by a gentleman i will not name: 'if the girl comes, is it rape?' i promised to post it on my blog as an open question.   

we ended the night with some hello pandas. and im not going to lie. they are amazing. 

found this guy on the pavement i wanted to take him home and stuff him. but it was weird. 

these pants. amazing. i sold them to maddy for 15 bucks from my work. best buy she ever made. however this isnt maddy its miles they did a pant swap.  they are cords- magenta. from morrissey haha. who knew he had it in him?

found these amzing pants. they are laura ashley [vomit] but they are amazing. i think they were mums in the 70's or watever. love.

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