Sunday, January 24, 2010


i have no idea how to start this. ive been staring at this post for so long and i cant actually think. might have something to do with the fact that im watching secret diary of a callgirl and i have the flu. i only have the flu because ive been going 
out contsantly since nye. i went out last night- started taking some photos for this. im going to post those first. nothing 
is going to be in order but it doesnt matter. 

 that guy with the t-shirt that says you are here has the same t shirt as belle a.k.a. Hannah from secret diary of a callgirl. he was also a babe so i felt he deserved a mention.

the blue fur i bought yesterday is awesome, went around the room several times through out the night. it was 25 from salvos which ithink is a bit of an overdo, it has a lot of repairing to do and it s one of the most deliciously tacky things ive seen in a while.  i dont reallly no how to post and stuff so i think this will probably come out all muddled.


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