Thursday, June 17, 2010

the pant. ive lost my mind.

ok with the fear of assessment and imminent death approaching, ive got myself a job, written several songs, made a vestpack and completed the pant. ? i think i also died somewhere in there. [please note when i say write a song i mean play the keyboard and sing in a humiliating way, also ive been experimenting with garage band]

these are the final shots of the pant. or i should come up with a better name. perhaps, something along the lines of death and destruction. ill look further into it.
so the photos were taken by Viktor Nillson and the model is Jesper the one true love of my life for doing this, in the middle of having his end of semester celebration beers. he is now in Sweden. actually i think they both are? i don't know. irrelavent hannah. blllg. i need to get off this piano, now.

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