Monday, September 6, 2010

NEW YORK, NEW YORK- brooklyn baby

Alright, so I haven’t posted in ages.

I put it down to the fact that I’ve been to busy with life [and also because my housemate doesn’t have wifi yet. and yes, it is killing me. Im sitting in Starbucks at the moment using their wifi and I’ve been here a really long time, partly because their wifi is so goddddammmn slow (im frustrated)]

I went to New York and now I’m in Toronto, which here is pronounced, “chruno”

So I’m now reminiscing. New York was, hmmm, I don’t really know the word. Something like.. amazing, incredible and beautiful. My intense jetlag couldn’t even get me down. 14hours difference. And my flight – ooh god- I forgot to tell them i was a vegetarian, so I didn’t eat for about 30 hours. Or sleep, because I was in the middle seat next to two huge hippo people who couldn’t help but overflow over the armrests. Shudders. I might just stay here based on the fact that I never, ever want to do that flight again.

I didn’t do hardly enough in New York but it was still amazing. Even when I was hungover, atleast I was hungover in new york, but I really want to go back for my birthday… because I’ll be legal. Which will make my time significantly more enjoyable. I’ll go back and see more and never leave.. because there wouldn’t be enough time in my life to explore.

i caught alex offguard for this shot.. she should really look into getting some more make up

good to see they're supporting the local talent.

there was a lot of this stuff going on.
vintage shopping in Brooklyn.

so many timberland boots in so many different styles and sizes...

all the good eats are hidden behind mysterious garage doors.

we walked from Manhattan to Brooklyn

i will post again. but for now i need to get out of starbucks... i think my eyeballs are sweating coffee.

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