Monday, September 6, 2010

i always feel really weird after assessment. like there's a weird quietness in my head. i was so highly strung. i still am though, i cant relax yet, i'm still feeling really weird. i'm probably going to get the flu, thats what usually happens after assessment.
assessment went quite well i think they appreciated the work and stuff. Mats said, "im interested to see what comes from your work in the future" and that i clearly design from my heart but he doesnt know if Cornel [my client] would wear it.

I tried to argue my case by saying that Cornel appreciates things with a story and things with personal sentiment and if i could communicate how much this whole project meant to me that maybe he would be able to break free of his clothing boundaries.

but i did design 'from my heart' anyway so i'm quite happy, whatever happens.

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